Customer Feedback

Just a few comments from our customers

“I am very pleased that you commenced supply the service and quality are excellent.”

“We are very pleased how everything has gone since you started supplying, it has been a seamless transition, Prima have responded to all our requests and your quality and service is excellent”

“You are now our preferred supplier because of your service and quality.”

“When I place an order I do not have to worry it arrives on time.”

“Thank you for helping us out with the urgent delivery, I could not of expect any more from Prima, it allowed us to complete our order on time.”

“I wish all my suppliers were like Prima regarding service, quality and keeping me informed at all times.”

“I wish we could be as well organised as Prima.”

“Since Prima commenced supply I now have complete peace of mind and I have no issues regarding cores.”

“Prima have been very responsive to our needs, quality problems, existing prior to you suppling have been built out and you service is second to none.”

“Since I joined Prima my job has been made easier because we have very few problems with customers and in a year I can count them on one hand”


If you have any questions or would like to provide us with any feedback, please go to our Contact Page to send us a message